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Profitable Internet Business Models

Once, San Francisco was the home of a startup that, well-funded initially, employed a bunch of engineers to realize designs of products submitted on-line.  Besides the ubiquitous, well-designed website, it staffed itself with an army of personnel to realize its … Continue reading

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Suckers, Bitcoins, and Investments

Right after finishing lunch with the USPTO director, Jon Dudas, at the Alexandria PTO head office, I bumped into a Physics patent examiner on the metro. He related to me his quandary on why various investments were being made for … Continue reading

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Is the average taxpayer subsidizing those wonderfully, successful Silicon Valley companies much too much?

The typical Silicon Valley company has attached itself to the coattails of taxpayers or older established companies, all in the name of disruptive technologies.  Without these tax incentives, would these companies be so valuable, or, worst, ever get off the … Continue reading

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The Barbarians are at the Gates in Silicon Valley

Various newscasts are assailing the fairy tale stories and Ivory Towers that originate from Silicon Valley.  As one of the largest gorillas in technology, Google has been slapped with a US$2.7 billion fine for anti-trust violations. The other technology gorilla, … Continue reading

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Why is IP valuable?

I recall inquiring a new client that essentially seem to be a software consulting firm whether it had IP (“intellectual property”) and whether it retained such IP when providing software consulting services to their clients.  Its CEO replied in the … Continue reading

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The New Wave of Entrepreneurship by Matt Swanson, Managing Partner of Silicon Valley Software Group – Toptal

​There is a multi-trillion dollar economy opening up to technology faster than ever. It has been driven by trends that have changed the nature of how entrepreneurs will be characterized going forward; specifically, industry executives will be the next wave … Continue reading

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Healthcare and Technology – a Recipe to Reduce Medical Costs

In 2016 even Obama Care has not done much in stemming the rising healthcare costs in the United States – the highest healthcare per GDP than any other country. And still the United States is nowhere in the top ten … Continue reading

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