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Keys to Effective Powerpoint Presentations to Potential Investors

Last week, I observed various presentations to raise funding for software technologies to genome-data analytics.  Virtually all failed to deliver an effective message to attract experienced investors.  Ever since I.T. companies developed software applications that can facilitate putting together powerpoint … Continue reading

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Profitable Internet Business Models

Once, San Francisco was the home of a startup that, well-funded initially, employed a bunch of engineers to realize designs of products submitted on-line.  Besides the ubiquitous, well-designed website, it staffed itself with an army of personnel to realize its … Continue reading

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Websites to Research for Technology Business Plans

When writing strategic plans, one needs corroborative data to insert into the cells in one’s spreadsheets.  For example, I once reviewed a Russian business plan where a driver received US$600 a month.  Personnel costs represent a huge percentage of the … Continue reading

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The Barbarians are at the Gates in Silicon Valley

Various newscasts are assailing the fairy tale stories and Ivory Towers that originate from Silicon Valley.  As one of the largest gorillas in technology, Google has been slapped with a US$2.7 billion fine for anti-trust violations. The other technology gorilla, … Continue reading

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What the New England Patriots could have taught Theranos!

In a well-known quote by Theranos’ CEO, Elizabeth Homes, she stated that “I think that the minute that you have a backup plan, you’ve admitted that you’re not going to succeed.” Of course, we all know what happened to her … Continue reading

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Industry Life Cycles for Startups

In a recent report on Stryker, a leading medical device manufacturer, its marketing team reported that it was entering the year “on the cusp of new product cycles” and it sales grew 18% by the 4th Q and experienced 11.7% … Continue reading

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