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About Juan Ramón Zarco, SVVGP 胡安•雷蒙•扎尔科

Juan Ramon Zarco, 胡安•雷蒙•扎尔科, Silicon Valley Ventures Growth Partners llp, Hygieia Healthcare Technologies Company, AllRest Technologies LLC, Crimson Growth Partners LLP,, is an experienced as CxO, General Counsel and Secretary to public and private companies with global operations. Established track record of producing practical, revenue-focused solutions. As Counselor and Secretary, demonstrating vision, integrity, and sound business judgment, to CxOs. Managed complex, strategic transactions, M&A, contracts support, PE Financing, IPO, SEC compliance, Corporate/HR governance, IP licensing, Budgeting, Staff, outside counsel management, International market access strategies, Domestic & foreign government relations and advocacy. Creative in designing and implementing market access strategies. Practices law beyond conventional model with low-overhead and project-based fees. Effective at managing departments, formulating marketing strategies, balancing budgets, and implementing cost-saving measures. Extensive in-house and private practice experience, advising clients on commercial, corporate, international business, and technology law and policy.; For Sprint, he managed iDen international development in Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Africa, and contractual issues with Verizon. In Private Equity, he worked with Pegasus in vetting international investment deals and interim President for portfolio companies, such as Data Foundation, a data storage company, handling marketing, strategy, fund raising, and accounting. Before Pegasus, Mr. Zarco, as CLO and V.P. of Corporate Development, played a principal role in the structuring, international expansions for 2 telecom companies, U.S. Cable Group and Viatel, Inc. in financing and M&A deals exceeding $200 million. Mr. Zarco earned a J.D. from NYU Law School, M.B.A. from Cornell, and B.A. from Williams College; is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German, with working knowledge of Russian, Arabic and Japanese.

Burn Rate During a Startup’s Early Stages

Investors hope to see from the startup’s cash management during its early stages to be spartan and reasonable during its early stage operations. An investor would be anxious to see a startup burn through cash too quickly on high salaries … Continue reading

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Regulations? What regulations?

A recent Yahoo news announced the death knell of two startup companies: “New airline rules regarding smart luggage claimed their second victim this week. Raden announced that it was shuttering after the largest American domestic carriers said they were imposing … Continue reading

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Cryptocurrencies, tokens, and securities

This week I heard the presentation by a former chairman of the SEC pointing out how ICO/token issuers can avoid the scrutiny of the enforcement division of the SEC.  And only 3 weeks ago, I sat in the audience listening … Continue reading

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How to make huge bucks as founders and early investors through an unprofitable, public company? Look at Spotify and the first IPO player at that game, Viatel.

    Just this week, Spotify went public directly priced at $132 a share, even when, with revenues of US$5 bill., it sustained losses of $1.5 bill. One analyst even gave the buy target at $180 a share!  (At this … Continue reading

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Does Technology alone make a Company?

While conversing with a VC analyst, she claimed that she had a team of 21 Ph.D.s to evaluate the merits of a technology. She seemed impressed but critical of their evaluations since they were extremely conservative.  I thought that a … Continue reading

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Year 2017, Conferences, and the Competitive Environment

      When sorting through the many badges from 2017 conferences and meetings I attended (and I have had just as many temp office passes as stickers not in this lot), I suddenly became aware how much time I invest … Continue reading

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The Pink Elephant in a Fund Raising Presentation

While reviewing the presentation from a U.S. company raising a Series B or C financing, I quickly jumped into the team description and spotted a mistake in the academic credentials of one member of the executive team – it stated … Continue reading

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