Juan Ramon Zarco, J.D. M.B.A., 胡安•雷蒙•扎尔科, is Founder/Director Silicon Valley Ventures Growth Partners llp and former President of AllRest Technologies LLC, a developer and distributor of smart medical devices for breathing disorders with a current, proprietary mouthpiece for Sleep Apnea.  He is a senior executive/counsel with an expertise in international transactions for startups and mature companies in high-tech, medical devices, media, software and other technologies. Operating in New York City and Silicon Valley, he is a director with Silicon Valley Growth Partners (www.svvgp.com) and IndusTechReports.com . He is an experienced senior manager as CxO, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary to public and private companies with global operations in over 40 countries.  From direct experience, he understands entrepreneurial cultures and fast growing companies seeking multinational expansions. He converts ideas to businesses.

He developed the Snap Count System to accelerate growth, reduce the cost of capital and reach that important liquidity event.  Throughout his career, he has established a verifiable track record of producing fast paced and practical revenue-focused solutions, and formulated costs reduction programs across the board.  He has demonstrated vision, integrity, and sound strategic business judgment to CxOs for complex international expansions. With excellent communication skills, he managed complex strategic transactions, M&A, contracts support, PE Financing, IPO, SEC, Corporate/HR governance, IP licensing, Budgeting, Staff, outside counsel management. He has developed international market access strategies, domestic & foreign government relations and advocacy.  He is equally effective at managing departments, formulating marketing strategies, balancing budgets, and implementing cost-saving measures. Extensive in-house and external work advising clients on commercial, corporate, international business, and technology law and policy.  Blog: http://www.jrzarco2001.wordpress.com.

He has worked in the following industries: media, IT, telecommunications, medical devices, data storage, and energy – traditional and renewable. For Sprint, he managed iDen international development in Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Africa, and multimillion dollar contractual issues with Verizon. In Private Equity, he worked with Pegasus in vetting international investment deals and interim President for portfolio companies, such as Data Foundation, a data storage company, handling marketing, strategy, fund raising, and accounting and Medical Devices affiliated with Johns Hopkins in U.S. and Russia markets. Before Pegasus, Mr. Zarco, as CLO and V.P. of Corporate Development, played a principal role in the structuring, international expansions for 2 telecom companies, U.S. Cable Group and Viatel, Inc. in financing and M&A deals exceeding $600 million, which companies had worldwide services.

Mr. Zarco earned a J.D. from NYU Law School, M.B.A. from Cornell, and B.A. from Williams College; is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German, with some working knowledge of Russian, Arabic and Japanese.

You can email him at jrzarco2001@yahoo.com.


2 Responses to About

  1. brainiacx says:

    Hi Mr. Zarco.
    I am brainiacx And i am in a young enterprise start-up program, as you probably already know since you have read my posts on my Blog.

    I was hoping you could give me some tips ? and answer few questions that i have, and judging from your posts you are well established person who has a lot of experience.

    I assume you have better thing to do and you are probably quite busy, but i hope you can take the time to help me on my path to success.


  2. First, sorry I didn’t catch this comment. Second, I need to know more about what market sector you are entering. Then we can narrow down what your needs are.

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