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Competitive Environment

I recalled an acquaintance from HBS recounting me his journey in selling his startup telecom company to a publicly traded company this story about competition: in his first year, he discovered he had several hundred competitors; on his second, they … Continue reading

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The perils of international corporate development

An international law professor once remarked that at one point in Russian history, as an explanation to the varied aspects of international law, to be a non-communist meant to be illegal. By demonstrating that example, he was proving to the … Continue reading

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Simply by stating it legally so does it make it legally so?

How does one determine bad legal advice?  In medicine, if a doctor is to remove surgically the right arm, but accidently removes the left, that is fairly obvious.  Not so with legal advice. Lately, there have been a spate of … Continue reading

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The Internet impact on Content Pricing and the New York Times

In a Vanity Fair article,, the author was commenting on the failing finances of the well-written, reputable newspaper, the notable New York Times, and how this new digital economy has not been so kind to them. The NY Times has … Continue reading

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