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Leadership, Football and Startups

When my son began his training as a QB in middle school, the coach, a former ex-marine, remarked that his calls were hardly heard by his other teammates. For those who are not familiar with American football, the QB begins … Continue reading

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Do what it takes to Win!

When my son played as Quarterback in high school, pictured in the insert, he related to me that his freshman football coach insisted that he pass or hand off the football to “Tom” on every play. That wouldn’t be difficult … Continue reading

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Was Queen Isabella of Spain the first VC and how would Columbus fare under 5 T’s?

At a Spanish cyber-surveillance meeting, one Spanish VC speaker related to the audience that Queen Isabella of Spain during the 15th Century was the true first venture capitalist in the strictest sense. She did finance Christopher Columbus trip to India. … Continue reading

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Common Fallacies in Determining a Company’s Early Stage Valuation

Only a few days ago, I was participating in a conference call with an investor.  During our discussions with the Pitchdeck, he underscored one undeniable fact – that the valuation is based on what is measured on the day of … Continue reading

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