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Can an entrepreneur with one successful exit be successful at other new enterprises?

My critical observations about management teams and startups all relate to the understanding on how some become successful or why some expand to some new business enterprise and fail.  To me, failure is not an option. However, success is never … Continue reading

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Creating International Presence and Marketing

In my meetings and travels, I am approached by foreign companies seeking U.S. investment or establishing its business here. Depending on its country of origin, the foreign entity has its challenges in competing for customers in an economy well established … Continue reading

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Does wearing a hat makes you bald?

Upon meeting the wife of a friend in Southern California, she told me that I should remove my hat since wearing one would make me bald. I did note that my friend had a head of healthy hair, but I … Continue reading

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How far can I go as a Startup with $20k in funding?

At a local Starbucks, I bumped into 3 high school students at Starbucks discussing their homework task – if given $20k to start a company, what kind of business should they enter, write a business plan, and show the rate … Continue reading

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Hiring International Managers – What to avoid, what to look for

A couple of weeks back, I attended the RSA Conference at Moscone Center, San Francisco. Hundreds of booths dealing with cybersecurity were pumping up their software to handle security. Many had international origins. For one in particular, I bumped into … Continue reading

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Why Early Startups Fail Statistics and an actual example

The table above, lifted from an earlier report, triggers my memory why I immediately left as an advisor to an early NYC startup introduced to me in January of this year. When the NYC startup’s CEO demonstrated his Pitchdeck in … Continue reading

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Bilateral treaties for data protection and privacy? It will take a while!

With the March 2016 arrest of a Facebook executive in Brazil, however brief, related to local judicial authorities’ demand for the opening privacy information for an accused, various experts are now proposing the implementation of international treaties to resolve these … Continue reading

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