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The Game of 20 Questions and the 5 Minute Pitch – What they have in common

When my parents needed to keep the kids busy during the long drive in the country, my parents would occasionally start the game of 20 questions.  For those who are not familiar with this game, it is a rather simple, … Continue reading

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A Little comment about Contracts

In every business transaction as long as man interacted socially, contracts have been involved in the facilitation of a deal. From the Mesopotamian Sumerian civilization to Roman times and even today, business men rely on contracts to establish order and … Continue reading

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Now, my startup received a bona fide offer from an investor, and I accepted it. What’s next?

If your startup company receives a legitimate offer from a qualified investor in an email to make an investment in the startup company, what happens next?  My following answer can cover situations that might originate by the due diligence request by an … Continue reading

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