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Attracting Financing is a Marketing Problem — Kleiner Perkins trial

The Ellen Pao vs. Kleiner Perkins sexual discrimination trial revealed some of the inner workings of VC firms.  One Pao testimony stated that she had brought Twitter to their attention, and it was never adopted.  Why Twitter is so important?  … Continue reading

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What is your Early Stage Company Worth? Or, better yet, Why Should a Company Combine Growth with long term Financing Strategy.

I observe at least once a month seminars being held entitled, “What is a company worth?”   Not having attended such early stage discussions, I may be too critical since many of these programs throw classical financial models that only reveal … Continue reading

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The Startup Screening Process Distilled to 5 T’s

In a recent Linkedin commentary, claimed that, after its due diligence of over 2,000 companies in 11 months, it summarizes the potential of each startup into its 5 T’s criteria while using the colors green, yellow and red, to … Continue reading

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2 Basic Ways to Pump up a Startup Company’s Valuation

Just recently, an acquaintance informed me that when he presented to potential financiers, they kept inquiring as to how his company’s valuation was calculated.  From their perspective, it seemed that the analysis had been incorrect.  Valuation is the present value … Continue reading

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