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Picasso and Entrepreneurship

  When I see the label, entrepreneur, I am always confused what that really means to the person using that description and what the public perceives. Now, having been raised in an artistic environment, I do understand what a great … Continue reading

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Special Event for foreign companies and entrepreneurs – Building a Presence in Silicon Valley, USA

Event Summary and Agenda Several industry international experts will cover the building of company presence, protecting Intellectual Property, and handling the Immigration labyrinths when foreign companies and entrepreneurs move operations to the USA and Silicon Valley.  After an initial networking … Continue reading

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Silicon Valley and the California Gold Rush, who made more — the Gold Miners or the Shovel makers?

  Silicon Valley has become the gold magnet for individuals and companies just like the California Gold Rush of the mid-1800’s.  Instead of gold, the new monetary incentives mean being hired by a company with a decent salary base and … Continue reading

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The Silicon Valley Equation

Let me show you my equation to recreate Silicon Valley’s environment for ebtrepeneurship and innovation:   Silicon Valley  = $$$ + Educational/Technological training + Regional Community/ Professional Services/Social Network + Exit Strategy + Infrastructure        

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