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Capturing eyeballs for the Internet

During an elite telecommunications conference in Edinburg, Scotland, “Intelevent”, I was invited to a dinner event in which major contributors to the telecom industry were honored. Having arrived late, I sat down with an older couple and an attorney. Of … Continue reading

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About Mergers & Acquisitions

One topic that might not be obviously relevant to start-ups is corporate development through Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).  But can it happen rather quickly in the early life of a company?  I would say yes.  I recall from reading a Bill … Continue reading

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92% of Startups fail from poor management decision making

Another article reminds us of the pitfalls of startups,, where it states that for a variety of reasons, 92% of startups fail, or, basically, only 8% of startups survive. I believe that it uses the term, inconsistent, but I … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Simple Advice for Entrepreneurs on Capital, Strategy, Legal Services, Management, Entrepreneurship, VC Funding and other things – Juan Ramon Zarco:
In an earlier blog, I had stated that the best time to raise capital is yesterday.  Of…

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