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Thanks for your support as my readership has hit a monthly high of greater than 125 readers

When I began this blog on February 2012, I was simply responding to another blogger from Wharton, because I believed that I could provide better management tools for a start-up than what he presented.  I never expected that my readership … Continue reading

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Why are the attorney hourly rates so high for certain law firms and lawyers?

As of this year, the average salary of a first year NYU Law graduate is $160,000.  This number will be similar to other law school graduates from the other top ten law schools.   When employed by a law firm, that … Continue reading

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When a Founder finds a technical co-Founder, does the original Founder own everything? It depends.

In a meeting this week discussing the selection of technical co-founders, I heard the remark that, when the founder has an “idea” and seeks a co-founder to crystallize that idea, he/she owns everything regarding that product.  Unfortunately, these are misleading … Continue reading

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Federal Legal Restrictions that Limit International Corporate Operations and Expansions

INTRODUCTION As U.S. companies seek to expand internationally with the slowing domestic market, more and more revenues and capital investment originate from overseas operations and with such revenues come operational risks.  Starbucks international revenues have jumped to over 30%, with … Continue reading

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How to get the most from your Promotional Mix strategy with a limited budget

Since I have discussed briefly the 4 P’s in marketing in an earlier blog, I shall elaborate the “P” for Promotion.  (See, also, the many books on marketing by Philip Kotler of Northwestern Kellogg School of Business for more details.) … Continue reading

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Using Public Relations Announcements for your Start-up as an inexpensive marketing tool

Since the overall tenor of my blogs is to employ the least expensive methods to run a start-up, I do encourage the use of one marketing tool that is fairly inexpensive and easy to produce: the Public Relations Press Release.  My first … Continue reading

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Applying for an incubation program – what is implied in the application forms

Out of curiosity, I reviewed the application of the most notable incubation firm,  Forbes ranked Ycombinator as the most successful incubation program in the U.S.  I wanted to see how a start-up applies for this program and what … Continue reading

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